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Thruster T600N Sprint fixed wing microlight

The Thruster T600N Sprint is top of the current Thruster range. The Thruster has been held in high regard by training schools for its responsive handling, reliability and superb engineering.

Here is a 360° image taken inside the cockpit of a Thruster microlight. Click and drag with your mouse for a full 360° view from inside the aircraft. If you have difficulty in viewing this image, you may need to download the latest version of Quicktime.

Additionally, you can see a video clip of G-OMAL, one of our own Thruster T600Ns, in action. Requires Real Player The Thruster TST was introduced in the mid 1980s and was the first viable conventional control two seat and three axis microlight aircraft on the British market. The T300 was a later development and was built under license in the UK, but production ceased in the early 1990s.

Gordon Pill, a long time Thruster enthusiast, obtained the rights to the design and formed Thruster Air Services with one of Thruster's ex-employees to produce the aircraft from his facility in the U.K. Gordon completely revised the design of the T300 in line with customer suggestions, and the T600 was the result. It is available in taildragger or the nosewheel configuration with open or enclosed cockpit. A range of two and four stroke engines is available.

The latest Thruster variant is the T600 Sprint, which is powered by a Jabiru engine and has a fully enclosed fuselage.

Technical information regarding this aircraft is available from the manufacturer, Thruster Aircraft. FLY365 is a main Thruster dealer.




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